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Adi Akunis

CEO of a Communications and Strategy Company in Tel Aviv and married to Ofir Akunis – a veteran Knesset Member of the Likud Party. She plays an active role in the Yad VaShem Council and Lilach Organization, an organization which lobbies for end of life rights.


Adi Yahalomi Moshe

Director, Jewish Education in the Diaspora. worked at the Ministry of Education for 18 years. She currently serves as the Director of the Division for Jewish Education in the Diaspora.


Aharon Malach

Aharon is regional director of the The Israeli Center for Legal Guardianship. He holds an MA in Public Policy from Hebrew University and is a Mandel Leadership Institute graduate.

אהובי שוירץ2

Ahuvi Shwirtz

Haredi Jerusalem resident. Consultant and spokesperson for Haredi organizations; lectures for the media; social activist.

עליזה בלוך

Aliza Bloch

Principal of the Branco Weiss School Network. Aliza is author of the book, “Build this Carrot”, which deals with secondary education in development towns.



Alon Mazar

Alon is a journalist, now working as a news editor at IBA News Channel 1. He holds a BA in Political Science.



Alon Mor

Director of Experiential Jewish Education in the Be’eri Program for pluralistic Jewish-Israeli Identity Education at the Shalom Hartman Institute. Group moderator in the Gesher Leadership Course. One of the founders the “Mirkam” network of mixed communities. Chairman and Director of the Yerushalmit Movement. He holds a master’s degree in sociology.

עמיחי זבולוני

Amichai Zvuluni

Amichai is a Senior Media Consultant at “Rimon Cohen Sheinkman – PR, Strategic Consulting and Crisis Management.” He is a lawyer by training who holds an MBA in Marketing.

עמיחי אתאלי

Amihai Attali

Knesset Correspondent for the leading Israeli newspaper, Yediot Ahronot. He has been a journalist for over a decade, serving in various positions. Amihai is also a reserve intelligence officer in the IDF..

אמיר בר שלום

Amir Bar Shalom

Amir serves as the Chief Military Analyst for Israel’s Channel 1 News. He was a Rifle Company commander in the Shaked Battalion of the Givati Brigade and serves in the Reserves with a rank of Major. He has LLB in Law and a B.A degree in Political Science

אמיתי פורת

Amitai Porat


Secretary general of the Religious Kibbutz Movement.

עמוס נדן

Amos Nadan

Amos is an academic and an entrepreneur. He is a senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University, specialising in the economic history and political economy of the Middle East, with a PhD from the LSE. He is the founder of Meaningful that has a long record in promoting and managing prominent socio-economic projects.


אריאל כהנא

Ariel Cahana

Head of Foreign Policy desk for Makor Rishon Newspaper and NRG news site

אריאל שנבל

Ariel Schnabel

US Affairs Analyst & Senior Columnist, Makor-Rishon. holds a BA in Political Science and Communication and an MA in American History

ארנון גל

Arnon Gal

Program Editor at “Kastina” for Anashim + Omrim Shehaya Po

Arye Erlich

Arye Erlich

Deputy Editor of the ultra-Orthodox magazine, Mishpacha. He is also a columnist, political analyst and a media personality.

אסף ליברמן

Asaf Liberman

Journalist, Israel Radio. He is also the Editor-in-Chief for Channel 2 news’ satire television program, hosted by comedian Guri Alfi. Asaf also writes a weekly column for the newspaper “Makor Rishon” and co-hosts “Zug-O-Peret” for the Knesset TV channel.

Asher Elias

Asher Elias

Asher is one of the most prominent activists amongst the Ethiopian community in Israel. For more than twenty years, Asher has worked as an entrepreneur and social activist in a variety of areas in order to promote optimal integration of the Ethiopian community in Israeli society.

אשר מתוקן

Asher Vaknin

Head of Prisoner Management . He works as an officer in the Israel Prison Services.

Assaf Gavron

Assaf Gavron

Assaf is an acclaimed Israeli writer who has published five novels, a collection of stories and a non-fiction collection of Jerusalem falafel-joint reviews. His fiction novels have been translated to twelve languages and adapted for the stage in Israel’s national theater. He is the recipient of several awards including the Bernstein Prize and the Israeli Prime Minister’s Creative Award for

אטילה שומפבלי

Atilla Somfalvi

Chief anchor for Ynet and YnetTV, Israel’s leading news and content website. He is also the host of the “The Main Game”, a political television show on The Knesset Channel.


Avi Barzilay

Avi is a journalist and Director of the Current Affairs Department at the IDF radio station and is a Major in the IDF Reserves.

אבי גרובר

Avi Gruber

mayor of Ramat Hasharon. lawyer

אבי מימרן

Avi Mimran

Radio Anchor on Radio Kol Hai.  He is a prominent media personality in the Ultra-orthodox Sector, as well as a spokesperson for the community.

אבי וורצמן

Avi Wurtzman

Avi is CEO Aleh Negev Rehabilitation Village, responsible for 500 employees and volunteers.  He is former Deputy Mayor of Beer-Sheva, MK, and Deputy Minister of Education.

אבינועם קוטשר

Avinoam Kutcher

Bureau chief of Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Liaison between public and Chief Rabbi. PR, developing and executing work plans to meet goals set by Chief Rabbi, strengthening relationships with Jewish communities in the Diaspora.

אברהם חיון

Avraham Hayon

Avraham is Director of S.A.H.I., an organization which transforms the lives of Israel’s disadvantaged ‘street kids’ through a unique strength-based approach helping others.

אברימי יוסטמן

Avraham Yustman

Vice President of the Kemach Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides a variety of solutions for Haredi employment in Israel in close cooperation with the Israeli government, philanthropic entities and the community. He is involved in various activities on behalf of the Haredi community, is a member of the Central Elections Committee and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Economic Society of the Israel Bar Association.

אברמי גרינברג

Avreimi Greenberg

Director of the Ultra-Orthodox Centre for Professional Training in Beit Shemesh which aims to provide education for participants to become gainfully employed.  Often participants have not had the chance to receive vocational training.

בני רבינוניץ

Beni Rabinovich

Journalist at Yated Ne’eman for 32 years. He has appeared on numerous occasions as a guest commentator on leading media channels in Israel regarding the ultra-Orthodox.

בצלאל קאהן

Betzalel Cahan

Director of Programming and News at “Kol Chai” Radio

ביתיה מלאך

Bitia Malach

Principle of Bnot Yerushalayim, a large Ultra-orthodox Jerusalem elementary community school for girls.


Boaz Genut

Director of the Marriage Initiative and Rabbinic In-Service Training for Tzohar. Formerly the Executive Director of “Torah Mitzion– Zionist Kollelim in the Diaspora.”

חן ארצי סרור

Chen Artzi Sror

Journalist at Yedioth Ahronoth. She is the Chief Correspondent’s coordinator, as well as a publicist. Chen specializes in issues of religion and state, women’s rights and Israeli society.

חן ליברמן

Chen Liberman

Culture Affairs Correspondent, Channel 10

ציקו מנשה

Chico Menashe

A journalist for the past 15 years , he worked on two commercial TV networks , and now serves a deputy director of “reshet bet” , editor and presenter current affairs programs on public radio IBA News .


Dafna Dor

CEO of A Different Lesson, a non-profit organization that promotes equality of opportunity in education. Dafna holds a B.A. in Law and an M.A. in Communications and Journalism as well as Management Sciences. Dafna is a lawyer and holds a certificate in mediation.

דן דובין

Dan Dobin

News editor for Galei Tzahal and Galgalatz. He is also the editor-in-chief of “Meet the Press” at Channel 2 News

דן שוורצמן

Dan Shwarzman

CEO of MindUP, holds a Masters in Business Administration, with Honors, from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business

dana burshtein

Dana Burstein

Architect on the staff of the municipal architect of the city of Jerusalem; coordinator of architectural studies at the Haredi branch of Bezalel College.

דני סירקין

Daniel Syrkin

Film and TV Director. Many of his films won prestigious international prizes and participated in major film festivals across the globe. His film Out of Sight (2006) won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Director and was presented at the Cannes International Film Festival in the same year.

Danna Eden

Danna Eden

One of the leading television creators in Israel. She owns a production company, Danna Productions, and over the past twenty years, has created and produced dozens of comedy, drama and documentary series and movies. Most of Danna’s projects involve the complexities and dilemmas within Israeli society. Many of her projects have won Israeli Academy Television Awards and the Ophir Prize.

דני אדינו אבבה

Danny Adino Abbebeh

Journalist at Yediot Achronot newspaper. In addition to covering diaspora aff airs, he reports on the Ethiopian community in Israel. Auditor of Society of Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel. Initiated and produced documentary about getting Israeli governments to push for airlifting the community to
Israel and about the arduous trek in the Sudanese desert. Awarded Napoli Journalism prize for exposing corruption by building contractors who illegally sold olive trees.

דפני ליף

Daphni Leef

Filmmaker and activist. She manages community relations at “Lasova” (NGO) and lectures on various topics in both Hebrew and English

david ansbacher

David Ansbacher

Promoter of social and tourist initiatives, advisor in tourism and developer of tourism programs; Community Rabbi, with an MA in education and Jewish history people from the Hebrew University.

דוידי הרמלין

Davidi Hermelin

Senior professional consultant to the Director of the Department of Aliyah and Absorption. Head of the International Center for Public Diplomacy and Israeli Hasbara. A jurist by training and a graduate of the flagship program of the US State Department for World Leaders in International Security concerns. Formerly chairman of the Young Likud. Lives in the Galilee.

דידי הררי

Didi (David) Harari

Didi is Radio presenter with a very popular daily show. He is also a TV presenter and senior media consultant. Didi is the Father of 3 lovely girls and proud grandfather. Smile- all is for the good!

Dov Gil- Har

Dov Gil-Har

Dov started his journalism career at Galei Tzahal, the IDF Radio station where he worked for five years as the Knesset correspondent. He was one of the founding members of Israel’s Channel 2 TV News and there too served as the Knesset correspondent.

הילה דוד

Dr. Hila David

Director of the “Culture Basket” of the Rishon LeTzion municipality. Responsible for arts- education for the entire municipal educational system from kindergarten through Grade 12, in government, religious, and special education schools. A lawyer with a doctorate in literature. Member of the Israel Council of Culture and Arts, Chairperson of the Department of Research and Heritage Institutions.

מירי שחר

Dr. Miri Levi-Shachar

Ph.D. Researcher in the area of Brain Science and education and lecturer at colleges in Efrat and Jerusalem.

Dudu Saada

Dudu Saada

Executive Director of BeSheva newspaper, an Arutz Sheva associated publication distributed free around the country.

אפי טריגר

Efi Triger

Senior Editor and Anchor for Galatz.

אפרת אדמון

Efrat Admon

Editor in Chief – OnLife. She holds a BA in Political Science and Journalism


Ehud Yerushalmi

Ehud is Chief of Staff and Spokesman for the IDF Army Radio, Galei Zahal. He was a Senior Member of the “Good Deeds Day” volunteering project.


איתן מורן

Eitan Moran

Executive Director, Association for the Advancement of Education



אלעד טנא

Elad Tene

Assistant Executive Director of the digital department of the Broadcast Authority. MA in Communications and Political Science from Bar Ilan University.

ילנה לגוטין

Elena Lagutina

Elena Lagutina is a TV presenter and journalist. She was the permanent presenter of the main nightly news program for 10 years, and continues working as a journalist in Jerusalem.

אלקנה הולצר

Elkana Holtzer

Elkana is an attorney and member of Ginot Hair Community Council in Jerusalem, involved in finding solutions for areas of conflict between the ultra-Orthodox, religious, and secular populations.

אמילי עמרוסי

Emily Amrousi

Journalist and publicist. She currently has her own column in the widely circulated Israeli newspaper, Israel Hayom and co-anchors a show on Israel radio’s Kol Israel. Emily has published a fiction novel and a children’s book.


Eran Kuznitzky

Assistant Executive Director of the Minrav Group/Engineering and Building Ltd. which trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Certified Director of Public Companies.

ערן וינטרוב תמונה

Eran Weintrob

Eran is Executive Director at LATET, focusing on eradicating poverty, molding the identity and nature of Israeli society, instilling values of mutual responsibility, and leading change in national priorities.



Eti Meller

Director of Employment at JDC Israel’s Tevet. Eti develops and manages solutions that help break the cycle of poverty within the ultra-Orthodox community by promoting employment. She oversees programs that serve to integrate and advance Haredi women in the workplace. Eti is a group facilitator specializing in diversity in employment.

Fainy Sukenik

Fainy Sukenik

She is the founder of Baasher Telchi, an organization that supports women in the ultra-Orthodox society in Israel that are struggling with divorce. In addition to being an educational counselor, Fainy is also involved with other social startups that concern Haredi women.

Frumit Cohen

Frumit Cohen

Frumit has been working for the Israel Prison Service for twenty-two years. She is now Brigadier General and the head of Human Resources Administration. A lawyer by trade.

gal zagron

Gal Zagron

Gal is a Jerusalem District Veterinarian under the Ministry of Health, responsible for supervising food processing plants. Gal is in contact with all population sectors, including the Arab and ultra-Orthodox.

גלית דיסטל

Galit Distel

Journalist and an author. She has an MA in Philosophy from Hebrew University.

גינת לב ארי

Ganit Lev-Ari

Editor and Head of Gender Equality and Advisor to the CEO of the Israeli Broadcast Authority on women’s issues

גבריאל כהן

Gavriel Cohen

Gavriel Cohen is an educator in the field of management and training in various parts of the ultra-Orthodox sector. He is a partner to social innovation in the field of community leadership, at-risk youth, and individual and family therapy in the ultra-Orthodox society.


הדס רגולסקי כריסי

Hadas Ragolsky Chrissy

Senior Editor, Channel 2 News. She is the Executive Producer for the 5 o’clock news show and is responsible for bringing in guest speakers to the company. She is also Chief Editor of the SPIRALA website, which is a learning news site for students at the Sapir College..

Haggai Segal

Haggai Segal

Editor in Chief of Makor Rishon newspaper. He is the author of several books.

חגית רבינוביץ

Hagit Ron Rabinovich

journalist and a filmmaker. She is also an opinion writer for Israel Hayom

Haia Jamshy

Haia Jamshy

CEO of the Shahaf Foundation, a philanthropic fund, which promotes and supports young communities in Israel. Haia plays a major role in the development and advancement of young social action communities, a national movement throughout Israel. Holds a Ph.D. in Sociology of Education from Tel Aviv University.

חיים אתגר

Haim Etgar

Journalist and anchor, Channel 12. Haim writes in Maariv newspaper, and holds a BA in law and Theatre.

Haim Uliel

Haim Uliel

Professional musician with his music appearing in and outside of Israel. He started and managed the band, “Sfataim” (lips), which mainstreams Moroccan music. He is also
a social activist and volunteer for the geographic and social periphery in Israel.


Hana Dorsman

CEO, Educating for ExcellenceHana is a graduate of the Mandel School of Educational Leadership. She holds an M.A. in Social Work from Tel Aviv University. Hana managed the training department at “Yedidim–For Youth and Society.” She was involved in the development of community leadership and community services for the Yavne Regional Council. Hana managed the social involvement unit at Tel Aviv University, through which she initiated and developed many social projects. She also managed the “Amiram Sivan Center for Social Endeavors” which works toward increasing accessibility in higher education for various populations.

חנה דרייפוס גודינגר

Hanna Dreyfuss

Hanna Godinger (Dreyfuss) serves as the equivalent of the Rabbi of the Pelech School for Girls and Dean of the women’s beit midrash at the Jerusalem’s Midreshet Lindenbaum.

הניה שוורץ

Henia Schwarz

Henia Schwarz is a journalist and is currently Editor of popular international magazine Betoch HaMishpacha. She is also a parenting coach, a marriage counselor, and a cognitive behavioral therapist.

הילי 4

Hillie Moyal Wurtman

Editor in Chief, Nashim Magazine. For over a decade, Hillie has worked as a journalist in various newspapers and magazines in Israel and abroad. Hillie holds a B.A in Arts and Jewish Philosophy.


יגאל להב

Igal Lahav

Igal is the mayor of Karnei Shomron. In the IDF, he served as a Major and a Commander. Igal has worked in the Israel Military Industry and Tnuva. He has an MA in Economics and Management

אילעאי עופרן

Ilay Ofran

Rabbi Ofran is a psychologist, Rabbi and head of the pre-army mechina, Ruach Hasadeh. He teaches at Tzahali, which is a pre-army program for girls. He also teaches at the Herzog Center in addition to other religious institutes.

איריס תמונת פספורט

Iris Posklinsky

Partnership Director at the Jewish Agency for Israel, formerly Community Planner at the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver, Canada. She holds an MSW from the University of British Columbia and is a lecturer in community development, poverty, values and ethics at Ariel University.

ישי הולנדר

Ishay Hollander

News Director of Makor Rishon Newspaper

ישראל כהן

Israel Cohen

Writer and editor for Kikar Shabbat, a Haredi news site. Israel writes about politics and society. He is particularly interested in the relationship between religion and state and the status quo between religious and secular pilots.

Itay Dankner

Itay Danker

Itay is the Executive Producer of one of the most influential and successful new shows in Israel, Ulpan Shishi on Channel 2 News.

איציק ברוורמן

Itzik Braverman

Mayor of Petach Tikva. lawyer by trade

קובי נחשוני

Kobi Nachshoni

Jewish and religious affairs correspondent for Y-NET

קורין אלאל

Korin Allal

Korin is an Israeli musician and recording artist and operates her own recording studio. Her most recent album was released in 2016.

לייזי שפירא

Laizy Shapira

Television creator, director and screenwriter. Among his work is the award winning TV drama “Srugim” that won the hearts of audiences in Israel and abroad. He teaches filmmaking and scriptwriting.

לאה ויזל

Leah Vizel

Dean in Orot Yisrael college in Elkana in the Samarian region.  Lectures in law and Judaism.  Doctor of Philosophy.

ליאור בר דור.jpg1

Leor Bar Dor

Leor is Deputy CEO of Eden, the Jerusalem Center Development company. Leor is a Lieutenant in the IDF reserves, responsible for the city of Jerusalem in emergency situations.


Liad Shoham

Author, Lawyer.  Liad has written 15 books including eight crime novels, two children’s books and one crime novel for young adults. His crime novels have been translated into six languages. Two of his books were adopted for TV series. Liad works both as an author and as a commercial lawyer. He holds LLB from Hebrew University and his LLM from the University of London.

ליאת יונניאן

Liat Younanian

State Attorney’s office in the Department of Investigation of Police Force, Ministry of Justice.  Defends complicated cases in the courts, mentoring junior lawyers.

לימור גרוס ויסבוך

Limor Gross Weisbuch

Lt. Col. Limor Gross-Weissbuch is the Director of the Public Affairs Section of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. She has an MA in Political Communications from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

ליאור נתן

Lior Nathan

Lior works at the Prime Minister’s Office. He is married to Galit and a father of four children. He resides in the “Baka” neighborhood of Jerusalem. He is a member of “Kehilat Shira Hadasha ” – a leading egalitarian Orthodox community.

ליטל שמש

Lital Shemesh

Lital is a News Anchor for channal 20 and channel 1. She’s also doing advocacy for Israel all across the world. She is also a TV format creator. Holds a mastres degree in American Jewry.

גלית אלרד

Lt. Col. Galit Elrad

Head of the Identity and Heritage Department, Education and Youth Department in Israeli Defense Forces

מעיין דגן

Maayan Dagan

Over the last 3 years Dagan has worked as News Desk Manager at Walla! News, the biggest news website in Israel. Maayan is married to Adi and father to Ziv, aged a year and 4 months. They live in Moshav Bnei Zion. Dagan hold a BA in Philosophy and Southeast Asian Studies and a Diploma in Journalism.


Marilyn Venig

Marilyn Venig is a researcher, lecturer, screenwriter, and film critic. She is an Israel’s Film Critic website founder and created the Marlena scale for women’s representation in film.

מטי צרפתי הרכבי

Matti Sarfatti Harcavi

Mayor, Yoav Regional Council since 2011. Prior to being elected mayor, she worked as a plant breeder and a project manager in Hazera Genetics Ltd. Matti holds a BSc and a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is married, a mother of three, and lives in Moshav Segula.

מיה איידן

Maya Aidan

Maya works for Israel’s Channel 10 News as a journalist and documentary creator. She is the mother Roi who is 10 years old.  Maya was born in Jerusalem but currently resides in Tel aviv, and has lived in France and in the US, but Israel is my home. She is always fascinated by other people’s lives and their point of view.

מזל מועלם

Mazal Mualem

Political and social commentator of the English news site, Al-Monitor

מנחם בומבך

Menachem Bombach

Founder and Director of the “Hasidic Midrasha for Boys” in Beitar Illit. Member of the Steerin Committee for Gesher Haredim. Faculty member of the Mandel Program for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community. Founder of the Haredi Preparatory University Program at the Hebrew University. M.Ed. from the Hebrew University in Public Policy.

מני שוורץ

Meni Shwartz

Meni Shwartz, is ultra-Orthodox and has been involved in media affairs since the age of 16. His presentation of ultra-Orthodoxy in the year 2016 as seen publicly and in the media of the ultra-Orthodox public in Israel is titled “Liberalism Towards the Other, Conservatism and Separatism for Ourselves.”


מירב מילר

Merav Miller

Radio and Television Host at IBA News. She is the host of prime time evening news as well as the host of finance and political television programs.

מרב עופר

Merav Offer

CEO of the leading trust company is Israel, Hermetic Trust, which mainly specializes in the Israeli Capital Market. Merav received her law degree in 1992 and became a notary in 2008. She received her Bachelor in Law from Essex University and her Master in Law from Bar-Ilan University.

מיכאל ביטון

Michael Biton

Mayor, Yerucham. Michael has been the mayor of Yerucham since 2010. Before being elected mayor, Michael was an educator and environmental and social entrepreneur. He founded a number of civil society organizations and he represented the Canadian Jewish community in Israel. Michael is the Co-founder and Acting Chairman of the Negev Council, a regional coalition established to promote prosperity for all residents of the region.


מיכאל נכטילר

Michael Nechtiller

Michael is Head of the Institute for Torah Policy and Deputy Director at Emoonim Industrial Services. He holds an MA in public policy and is a business advisor in Paamonim.

michal berman

Michal Berman

Michal Berman – Executive Director of Panim—The Association of Jewish Renewal Organizations in Israel. She holds a BA with honors in Psychology and Jewish History and an MA in Pluralistic Jewish Education, all from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Michal is a graduate of the group leadership training program at Seminar HaKibbutzim and the Fellows program at Bet Midrash “Kolot.” In the past she has worked at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem, and for five years she directed the Jewish Renewal department in the Ginot Ha-Ir Community Council in Jerusalem.

מיכל דאהן

Michal Dehan

Michal is Pedagogical Deputy Director at Religious Education Authority in the Ministry of Education. She also does time management coaching and is a registered tour guide.


מיכל פרינס

Michal Prins

Michal is CEO of Yahel Center, specializing in sexuality in religious women. She recently rejoined the IDF reserves as a Mental Health Officer in the Jerusalem IDF induction center.

מירי קידר

Miri Keidar

Director of Estates and Trusts, Ministry of Justice. a lawyer with an LLM from Bar Ilan University. She wrote her thesis on the rights of same sex couples.

מירי שניאורסון

Miri Schneerson


Anchor for Haredi radio station, Radio Kol Hai. She has a regular column called “Pasrsha with Love”, geared towards Haredi women, which discusses the weekly Torah portion through a feminist angle. Miri is also the founder of “My Choice”, an organization that counsels and empowers women. She is a lecturer and leads workshops on leadership for Jewish women.


מירי תמונה

Miri Shalem

Miri is the CEO of the Institute for Zionist Strategies and a social activist. She has a BA in Economics and Political Science and an MA in Gender Studies.

מוריה קור

Moriah Kuhr


Radio anchor at Galei Tzahal, Israel’s nationwide radio network operated by the IDF. She is also a journalist with Reshet, Chanel 2. Moriah is pursuing a PHD in literature

מויש לוי

Moshe (Moish) Levy


Deputy Mayor of the city of Modiin-Macabim-Reut. He is responsible for the city’s education portfolio. He is a civil lawyer by trade and has an MBA.

משה לוי

Moshe Levi

Moshe is CEO of Dream Film Production and is former social activist in “B’lev Shalem” NGO to promote unity among the ultra-Orthodox and secular sectors. He holds a BA in Law.

משה סוויל

Moshe Saville

Moshe is Deputy Mayor of the Gush Etzion Regional Council and Chairman of the Gush Etzion Foundation. He voluntarily serves as a Likud party delegate to the Jewish congress.


Moshe Teitelbaum

Moshe Teitelboim

Moshe is the CEO of Israel’s national volunteer EMS organization, United Hatzalah. The organization comprises a national network of 3,200 volunteers including EMTs, paramedics, and doctors.

משה טרי

Moshe Teri

Moshe serves as Chairman of Triple-M Power Plants Ltd., a Trustee of Clal Insurance Ltd., and holds the appointment of Committee Chairman on Exemptions and Mergers with Israel’s Anti-Trust Authority.

leadershipcourse (2)

Moshe Zalmanovich

Director of Public Relations at Kiryat Sanz Institutions. Businessman. Israel Police Force and Zaka volunteer.

נעמה ספראי כהן

Na’ama Safrai Cohen

Na’ama is a lawyer and legal advisor, providing legal aid for victims of domestic abuse. She is the Chairman of ICAR’s legal forum and serves on Kolech’s board.


Naama Sat

Naama is head of the Metivta Midrasha for advanced Torah studies at Bar-Ilan University. She teaches Law, Jewish Law, and Jewish Studies. She received her PhD from Bar-Ilan University.

naama tal

Naama Tal

Mathematics Coordinator and Educator in the “Derech Avot” High School in Efrat, Lecturer at Herzog College in the Program for Retraining Academics to Teach Advanced Mathematics, and developer of customized evaluation tasks for High School Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Member of “Kolech,” and of the Central Committee of the “Bayit Yehudi” party. She holds a master’s degree in Science education from the Weizmann Institute of Science.


Naomi Perl

Naomi is the Director of Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the haredi community. She holds an MA in  Music Education from Levinsky College of Education and is a Beit-Yaakov Teachers Institute in Jerusalem graduate.

nati beker

Nati Beker

Unit for treatment of adolescents in the Jerusalem Municipality. Social worker in Yeshivat “Mevakshei Hashem” for disaffected Haredi youth. Founding partner of the Haredi Caregivers Organization. Master’s Degree in Social Work with honors and doctoral candidate at the Hebrew University.

נטע דנציגר

Neta Danziger

Head Investigative Reporter for “HaMa’arechet”

nir pal

Nir Pa’el

Assistant Director of Development and programs at Aluma, which has been active for thirty years. Responsible for administering and developing programs, partnering between groups—with a focus on cooperation with the IDF and its decision makers—as well as administering and developing information in the organization.

ניצן קידר

Nitsan Keidar


Diplomatic correspondent for Arutz Sheva newspaper and writes a weekly column on diplomatic and political issues for “B’Sheva” newspaper. Working with the ultra-Orthodox radio channels for more than fifteen years, Nitzan is now the Chief Editor for Kol BaRama radio.

Noa Barak

Noa Barak

News anchor, editor and documentary reporter at IBA news division Channel 1. In addition, she is a radio news broadcaster and editor of the late night daily summary news edition at Reshet Bet. She received her master’s degree in Political Communication and Media, and her BA degree in International Relations and Communication from Hebrew University. Noa is a social activist especially in the field of education. She is the Chairwoman of the PTA and a member of the national PTA forum.

נועה אפשטיין

Noa Epstein

Deputy Editor for Haa’retz Weekend edition

Noa Maiman

Noa Maiman

Filmmaker and actress. Her most important project to date is Toolkit for Rape Recovery, a YouTube series following her path of recovery from rape and sexual abuse, translated in Hebrew and English. Some of her documentaries include Oy Mama, Homecoming, and Kids of Divorcees. She is currently working on her first short scripted film. Noa is primarily a screen actress starring in Children of the Fall, Lost Islands, and Pilots Wives, but she is now making her theatrical debut in The Demon Ain’t that Bad.

נורית קנטי

Nurit Canetti

Anchor and Editor in Chief of Galei Tzahal current affairs program, “What’s Cookin”. Nurit is also a publicist, lecturer and hosts current affairs events.lawyer by trade. Nurit is also one of the founders of the Israeli Journalist Organization.

nurit kutik

Nurit Kotick

Lieutenant-Colonel IDF in charge of the Integration of Special Groups into the Army. MA in Organizational Sociology from Bar Ilan University.

אוהד קנולר

Ohad Knoller

Actor. He has starred in Eytan Fox’s films “Yossi and Jagger” and “The Bubble”, Joseph Cedar’s “Beaufort”, and the hit Israeli TV show “Srugim” as Dr. Nati Brenner.

אורית וולף

Orit Wolf

Orit Wolf (Ph.D) is an acclaimed international concert pianist, senior lecturer, and expert consultant in the area of innovative thinking and leadership.

אושר אסולין

Osher Assouline

Director of Culture & Entertainment, Public Broadcasting Corporation

פיני בדש

Pini Badash

Mayor of Omer since 1990 and has served in the Knesset for two terms. Pini has an MA in Public Policy and has worked as a mechanical engineer. He is a colonel in the IDF reserves on active duty.  In addition, Pini  is the Chairman of the Administrative Steering Committee of the Beersheva Technical College, Chairman of the Drainage Authority of Shikmah and B’sor, Chairman of the Forum for Small Municipalities, member of the Regional Committee for Planning and Construction in the Southern District, and more.

אריאל פלדשטיין

Prof. Ariel L. Feldestein

Professor Feldestein is the  Academic Secretary at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. As a Historian, his research focuses on the Zionist ideology and the Zionist Movement. Feldestein is the author of several books and numerous articles on the study of the Zionist idea, leadership and Israel-Diaspora relations

רחלי איבנבוים

Rachel Ivanboim

Social entrepreneur, prominent in the emerging Haredi civil society. Involved with the status of Haredi women and the integration of the Haredi community within Israeli society. Founder and director of the “Movilot” program, business leadership for outstanding academic Haredi women. Head of the Haredi section of the “Shacharit” Institute whose goal is to create a new social partnership in the State of Israel. Served as the director of the “Meir Panim” social welfare organization, a founder of “Meuravot”—coalition for Haredi Women, and a leader in the “If we can’t be elected, we won’t vote” movement which called for women’s representation in Haredi politics. BA in Communications and Sociology from the Open University. Mentor of young activists in the Haredi Community, consults on social projects, writes for the press and lectures widely about the Haredi sector and developing trends within it.

רחמים אלעזר

Rahamim Elazar

Founder, Producer, Editing Manager and Anchor of the Amharit language show “Reshet Klitat Aliyah”


רני בלייר2

Rani Bleier

Television director, producer and screenwriter for a few Academy Award winning television programs. In addition to being a social activist, Rani is also the Head of the School of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir College. He is the former Chairman of the Directors Guild in Israel.

רפאל בן שטרית

Raphael Ben-Sheetrit

Mayor, Beit Sheán




Raz Nizri

Raz Nizri

Since 2011, Raz has served as Israel’s Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Matters. Raz is a graduate of the Excellency Program in Bar-Ilan University where he completed his LL.B. summa cum laude and his LL.M. summa cum laude. At the same time, he studied at the Bar- Ilan High Institute for Torah Studies. Raz is a lecturer in various law colleges.

raz tamari

Raz Tamari

Director of the “Golden Care—Mediterranean” Medical Center for rehabilitation of chronic care and geriatric patients. MA in Business Administration from the Ariel University Center in the Shomron.

רבקה שוורץ

Rebecca Schwartz

Advocate and Social Entrepreneur. founder of “Min Hamezar” and organization that assists victims of sexual assault in the Haredi community. Rebecca has an LL.B and an MA in Public Policy from Hebrew University.

רינה הולנדר

Rena Hollander

Rena is a community activist and Managing Partner at her law firm. She is involved with the Jewish Agency’s Partnership2Gether and serves as a family legal advisor through Lemaan Achai.

ראובן כהן

Reuven Cohen

Member of the Beit Shemesh Municipal Council, responsible for the Torah education, health, and Torah culture portfolios.

Revital Rubin

Revital Rubin

CEO of Snunit, a non-profit organization that promotes and develops technology in education. She is a member of the Jerusalem Committee of Education and mentors senior managers. Revital is the founder of a secular pre-army mechina program in Kiryat Hayovel in Jerusalem. She has adopted six lone soldiers in Jerusalem.

ריקי רוט

Ricky Rath

Senior Columnist, Makor Rishon Newspaper. Social activist on behalf of women religious and ultra-Orthodox victims of violence. She holds a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics

ריקי שטרולי

Rivka Stroli

Rivka heads the Culture Department of the Rishon LeZion municipality, where she plans, develops and implements cultural projects. She holds a Masters in Communications.

רונן כץ

Ronen Katz

Presenter for “1 in the Afternoon” at Kol Barama Radio

Ronen Kovalski

Ronen Kovalsky

Ronen has been working at the Association of Community Centers for the past twenty-eight years. He now currently serves as the Deputy General Director. Ronen has a Bachelor degree in Informal Education and an MBA.

רני חזון וויס

Roni Hazon Weiss

Spokesperson for Yerushalmim political party.  High-school teacher in a low socio-economic level school in Jerusalem.  Responsible for informal education and also mentors new teachers.  Works to further democratic pedagogical issues in different disciplines.

רונית כהן

Ronit Cohen Gluzberg

Ronit is Director of Connect Jerusalem, a project dedicated to working with young immigrants.  She is also a social activist and serves as Deputy Director of her neighborhood’s Community Center.

רועי חן

Roy Chen

Roy is a Writer, Translator and Playwright and works for the Gesher Theatre. Althgouh his native language is Hebrew, he also speaks Russian, English, French and some Italian. Chen has visited the Big Apple in the past and loved it. He is fascinated by the human and the divine comedy. He tries to be open to everyone and everything!

רועי שרון

Roy Sharon

Correspondent for Channel 10 News. He frequently lecturers about settlers, the media and Jewish terror.

שרה פוגל1

Sara Fogel

Sara is CEO of Agenda Advertising & PR agency for the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector; she also has many secular clients with whom she has built up a personal relationship.

שהרה בלאו

Sarah Blau

Sarah is a writer and playwright. In 2015, she won the Prime Minister’s Prize for Hebrew Literature. Sarah founded the alternative Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremonies.

שרה דרשן

Sarah Darshan

An independent marketing and branding consultant.  Her latest project includes rebranding of BP and Texaco Gas stations in Benelux and France.  She is also the author of several children’s books including Israeli best-seller “Turtle on His Back”

שרה לאה

Sarah Leah Blau

Member in the Women’s Council of Beit Shemesh. Involved in real estate initiatives and childbirth support.

שרי רוט

Sari Roth

Parliamentary Correspondent, Channel 10 Haredim

shachar alon

Shachar Alon

Manager of the main branch of Bank Yahav in Jerusalem. BA in Education and MBA.

שי גל

Shai Gal

Senior TV correspondent for Channel 2 News. He works for a weekly news program called “Ulpan Shishi”. He won several journalistic awards for stories about religious extremism in Israel and poverty amongst IDF soldiers.


Shalhevet Chasdiel

Radio Presenter on “Galei Israel”, editor of Haredi women’s magazine and UN advisor

שני ליטמן

Shany Littman

Shany is the Culture Writer for Haaretz, served as Deputy Editor of The Marker’s Weekend Edition, and worked as a documentary-film researcher. She studied Philosophy, History, and Cinema.

שרון בר דור

Sharon Bar Dor

Sharon is the Deputy CEO of the Judge’s Division at the Administration of Courts. She holds an MA degree in Public Policy and Administration from Tel Aviv University.

שמעון ברייטקופף

Shimon Breitkopf

Editor and political columnist for one of Israel’s Orthodox newspapers, Mishpacha

תמונה - שמעון יוסף מלול

Shimon Malul

Rabbi of the “Or Yaakov” Congregation in Elad. Member of municipal and public committees, forums and think-tanks. Lecturer and Educator. Panel moderator and lecturer on Haredi society in Gesher Haredim. Studying towards advanced Torah studies—Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

shira catz vinkler

Shira Katz-Winkler

Director of the Yerushalmit Movement, which unites activists from all sectors of society to transform Jerusalem into a pluralistic city, open and inclusive for all residents of Israel. Holds degrees in social work and public policy. Represents ROI in the Yeru-shalem Coalition. Married to Eyal and mother of a band of boys and a princess.

Shira Ruderman2

Shira Ruderman

Executive Director of the Ruderman Foundation. MA in Public Policy from the Hebrew University.

שלמה פיוטרקובסקי

Shlomo Pioterkovski

News editor and economic correspondent for B’Sheva newspaper and Arutz 7 news site


Shmuel Abuav

Shmuel is the Chairman of the Naor Foundation for Social Investment in Israel and CEO of Or Yarok Association, Israel’s leading Road Safety non-profit.

Shmuel Chaim Pappenheim

Shmuel Chaim Pappenheim

Fellow at the Mandel Institute for Educational Leadership. Journalist, author, publicist and historian in Haredi newspapers in both Yiddish and Hebrew; formerly the editor of “HaEdah” and the secretary and the unofficial spokesman for the Badatz Edah Haredit in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh. Ordained by the Badatz and has written halakhic works. One of the founders of the Center for Haredi Employment (“Mafteach”) in Beit Shemesh, an initiative of the Joint/Israel and the Ministry of Economy and Industry; and founding director of the Gesher-Haredim and Magen David Adom volunteer as a senior medic and ambulance driver. Founder and fellow in “Forum Hashlama,” and fellow in forums that deal with relationships in neighborhoods with diverse populations—a concern he is interested in developing in the future.

מולי יסלזון

Shmuel Jeselshon

CEO, Yeshivot Hesder Organization, the umbrella organization of Yeshivot that combine religious studies and service in the IDF. Previously, he was in charge of the Conversion Department in the Prime Minister’s office.

שןשנה בקר

Shoshana Becker

Shoshana is Israel Experience’s English Speaking Countries Division Director, specializing in providing organized trips to Israel for teens, university students, and adults from all over the globe.


סיגל אדר

Sigal Adar

CEO, TAU Friends Association.Previously, Sigal was the Head of TAU Social Involvement Unit. Before working at Tel Aviv University, Sigal worked as a probation officer with delinquents. She holds a BA and MA in Social Work specializing in group therapy and she has a second MA in Political Communication, all from Tel Aviv University. As a mentor and lecturer, she specializes in Israeli philanthropy, organizational development, social entrepreneurship and leadership building.

סימון אלפסי

Simone Alfassi

Mayor of Yokneam

טל שניידר

Tal Schneider

Journalist and Political Blogger. She is a member at Israel’s Press Council and a founding member of Israel’s Federation of Journalists, Israel’s Women Journalists Forum.


טל שלו

Tal Shalev

Chief Political Correspondent, Walla! News. studied Political Science and Philosophy at Tel Aviv University


Tamar Almog

Tamar is a Legal Affairs Correspondent and news and special broadcast anchor for Channel One news, lecturer of Criminal Law and Media, and a licensed attorney in Israel.

Tamar Dressler

Tamar Dressler

Journalist and aid expert, columnist for Maariv and the UN news organization. BA from Bar Ilan University and a graduate of the Social Policy Program at Bet Berl, Board member at the Heschel Center and at NATAN – International Humanitarian Aid.


Tami Sheinkman

Tami is a Media Consultant, General Manager, and Partner at Rimon Cohen Sheinkman & Co. She holds a Law degree from Tel Aviv University.

תירזה זיסמן

Tirza Zisman

Editor in Chief & Executive News Producer on Channel 2 News.


Tomer Avital

Tomer is a journalist and social activist, covering news from Israeli parliament and government. He teaches creative writing at Kibbutz College, and is the author of a murder mystery novel.

צגה מלקו תמונה

Tsega Melaku

Tsega Melaku has an MA from Bar-Ilan University and is a journalist for the Israel Broadcasting Authority. She is also a social activist and author.

Tsila Billet

Tzila Billet

Analyst in Market Operations Department of the Bank of Israel. Certified Public Accountant and Master of Business Administration from the Hebrew University with a specialization in Finance and Information Systems.

ציפי מתוקן

Tzipi Baider

Documentary filmmaker and director. For the last ten years, Tzipi has worked as the head of the documentary department on Channel 10. Most of her films focus on family relationships, motherhood, mourning and the army.

ציפי זלמנוביץ

Tzippy Zalmanovich

Tzippy is the Deputy CEO at the Halman-Aldubi Investment House. She holds a BA in Accounting and Business Studies and an MBA (with distinction) in Human Resources from Haifa University.

Tzvi Danziger

Tzvi Danziger

Advanced Yeshiva Instructor. Spiritual Guide. Delivers lectures and courses for advanced students. Graduate in Psychology and Education.

צביקה אוהל

Tzvika Ohel

Deputy Director for the Planning, Monitoring & Control Department in the Israeli State Comptroller’s Office. Member of the State Comptroller’s table-tennis team in the national work league where he meets colleagues from other government offices and even the Knesset Speaker, Yuli Edelstein


Uri Cohen

Uri is the founder and CEO of Masa Yisraeli and CEO of Mibreshit, programs that focus on Jewish heritage and strengthening the Jewish family unit.

אורי עינן

Uri Einan

Uri is Founding Partner at Kedma Capital, a large Israeli private equity investment fund managing approximately 200 million dollars. Uri is a lawyer and an accountant.

Uriya Bachrach

Uriyah Bachrach

Major in the IDF and Vice Commander of the Israeli military radio station, Galei Tzahal. Previously, Uriyah was the Squadron Commander in a Haredi soldiers unit, Officer Spokesperson in the IDF Operational Spokespersons Unit and a Commander of unique and weak populations serving in the IDF.


Uzi Baruch

CEO and Editor in Chief of Arutz Sheva. Uzi sees his work at Arutz Sheva as part of an important mission to improve the media. He began his career in journalism at a young age working as a Knesset correspondent. Uzi established a journalism school in Jerusalem.

ויקה אלקין

Vika Elkin

Vika is the Project Coordinator for “Project COMMUNITY”. Prior to this, Vika was the Manager of Limmud FSU Project and was responsible for Aliya projects in the Jerusalem Municipality. Vika holds an MA in Management of NGO and Public Policy from the Hebrew University. Vika serves as the Chair of Young Adults and Families Committee in East Talpiyot and Arnona Community Center in Jerusalem, and is an activist for the benefit of several local issues in Jerusalem. She is a mother of three Tzabars and happily married to Michael

יעקב ליבי

Yaakov Lebi

Founder of the “Haredi Initiative.” Chairman of the Consumers Movement for the Fight against the High Cost of Living; lawyer and entrepreneur.

יעל אביטל

Yael Avital

Principal of “Ma’ayan” Special Education school for students with a range of serious physical and cognitive disabilities. In her fourth year of mentoring new principals through the Avney Rosha Institute. Moderator for parent and student groups at Merkaz Ori. Board member at the Talpiot-Mizrach neighborhood council. MA in Bible and Jewish Studies from the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem.

yael elimelech

Yael Elimelech

Official Head of the department of supervision and pedagogy for Haredi schools in the Jerusalem municipality-Manchi. Coordinator of programs and responsible for development and administration of courses in Seminar Afik—Jerusalem. Has served as national training supervisor for Temech, the organization for promoting Haredi women’s employment. Founder and director of the “Shleimuta” school for parenting and family which offers courses throughout Israel for men and women on the Jewish home and education. Graduate of Ofakim College, with a BA in Business Administration and a concentration in human resource management and an MBA with a concentration in organizational development, both from Ono Academic College.


Yael Kimchi

Organizational Director of Gesher. Assistant for Academic Affairs at Hadassah Academic College for more than ten years. Master’s degree with honors in Public Policy and a second master’s in Criminology in the Law Faculty at the Hebrew University.

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öéìåí úåîø àôìáàåí

Yair Sapir

Yair is Founder-Director of Olympus Financial Strategies, one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of Wealth Management providing clients a multi-disciplinary financial center for financial planning and management.

יאיר שרקי

Yair Sherki

Religious affairs reporter for Channel 2 News TV, and starred as a guest host for both Galei Tzahal and the Knesset TV Channel

יניב אפוטה

Yaniv Afuta

Spokesman for the Yerucham Regional Council. Formerly he was a journalist and editor at local newspapers in the Negev. Yaniv also serves as the personal assistant to the Yerucham Regional Council chairman. He is responsible for public inquiries to the Yerucham Council and for the implementation of the freedom of information law. He is a volunteer lecturer at the Social Economic Academy on the topic of distributive justice and local government. He is a graduate of Kriat Kivun—Preparatory Program for Public Leadership. He is currently pursuing a BA in Humanities and Social Sciences at the Open University with an emphasis on political science and international relations. He is a graduate of the College of Management in Beersheva with a certificate in business administration.

יניב פוהורליס

Yaniv Pohoryles

Journalist, YNET. Yaniv has been working as a journalist for many years, both print and online. Yaniv writes about different topics, but his focus is international relations and world Jewish issues. Yaniv has a BA degree in International Relations from Hebrew University


Yehuda Am-Shalem

Yehuda is founder of Katef LeKatef, an organization dedicated to rehabilitating socio-economically distressed families. He founded the Yadim Institute and is Director of the One to One Fund.



Yehuda Groweiss

Yehuda is a movie Director and Producer, and pioneer in ultra-Orthodox movie production and lectures on this niche of cinematography. He also works with at-risk teenagers.

יצחק נחשוני

Yitzhak Nachshoni

Editor in Chief of the ‘Merkaz Hainyanim’ as well as a commentator on many of the Haredi radio stations.


Yoav Friedman

Editor in Chief of the NRG news site and its 360 “Full Picture” news app.

יונית יעקובוביץ

Yonit (Jona) Jacobovitz

CEO of the Karev Program, which works to change socio-educational conditions that promote narrowing of gaps and encourages equal opportunities in Israeli society through creation, management and operation of classes and enrichment activities. The program operates in 120 municipalities, and reaches about 300,000 children a year. Yonit has a B.Sc in Physics and an M.B.A. She is a graduate of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.


יורם הרפז

Yoram Harpaz

Professor, Beit Berl College. Previously, he was a teacher, a journalist, a fellow in Mandel School for Educational Leadership, and later, its director. Yoram wrote a few books and many articles on various topics in education.

יורם אוהב ציון

Yoram Ohev Zion

Yoram is Deputy Mayor of the Lachish Regional Council, founder and Head of the “Tali BeYad Rama”, and director of Otzem Pre-Army Academy.

יוסי ביידץ

Yossi Baidatz

Maj. Gen., IDF, Res. And appointed CEO of CET (The Center for Educational Technology)

יוסי בן דויד תמונה לברושור

Yossi Ben David

Mayor of Tiberias

יוסי ברודני

Yossi Borodany

Yossi is the Mayor of Givat Shmuel. He holds a law degree and an MA in Real Estate and is a graduate of the Noam Yeshiva in Pardes Hannah.


Yossi Marshak

Yossi Marshak

Actor and writer, best known for movies, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”, “Atomic Falafel” and “Kicking Out Shoshana”. .

יוסי שרעבי

Yossi Sharabi

Yossi serves as the Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Prior to this, Yossi was the Director of Community Centers where he was responsible for all of the social, cultural and sporting activities in the Jerusalem where he was both born and currently resides. Yossi is a lawyer with a Masters of Law and Business.

יוסף ויטמן

Yossi Vitman

CEO of “Resources” consulting company which helps NGO with grants from government ministries and philanthropic funds. Assists Maóf, the Small Business Authority of the Economic Ministry in the ultra-Orthodox sector. Is very well connected to ultra-Orthodox public fi gures and communal activists. Yossi is married with eight boys ranging in age from 16 to 3. He is now the proud father of his fi rst daughter aged one.

יובל אלבשן

Yuval Elbashan

Professor of Law & Israeli Author. Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College. He is a community lawyer and social activist. a founding team member of YEDID – Community Rights Center. He is also a columnist in “Ma’ariv” and hosts a weekly summary on the radio.  He has published nine books.

יובל קרני

Yuval Karni

Political Correspondent, Yedioth Aharonoth. He has been working for Yedioth Aharonoth since 1991, serving in different positions including municipal reporter, debriefings, West Bank correspondent and now as political correspondent.

זאב קשש

Ze’ev Kashash

Ze’ev is Chairman of United Hatzalah of Israel, the largest independent, non-profit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization in Israel with 40 branches and over 2500 volunteers around Israel.

זיו נווה

Ziv Naveh

CEO of the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

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Gesher Leadership Institute Conference