GLI steering committee

GLI steering committee

Chairperson – Orit Adato

Sits on the Board of Directors at Gesher, Lt-Gen (res.) in IDF, former head of IDF Women’s Corps and former Chief Commissioner of Israel Prison Service.  She is the founder and director of Adato Consulting Ltd.which provides international consulting on prison management in general and terrorist inmates in particular, as well as on leadership in Israel and abroad.  Orit is the Chairperson of the GLI steering committee and is one of the Institute’s founders.

Ilan Geal-Dor – Gesher’s CEO

Gesher’s CEO since 2011.  Sits on the Board of several social organizations such as the National Service Association, Eshkolot, Heled etc.  He is a well-known social activist in his home town of Bet Shemesh and is a former city councilor and chairman of the city’s Partnership 2000.  Ilan set up the roundtables forum in Bet Shemesh with representatives from all sectors of the city’s population.  He is the founder of the GLI.

Liz Pushett

Sits on the Board of Directors at Gesher as the representative of the Morris Family Foundation.  A facilitator at the Shefer School of Parenting and, until recently director of the Gush Etzion branch of the Big Brother, Big Sister mentoring program.  A graduate of the school of social work at the Hebrew University.  Liz is the Chairperson of the media leadership track.

Emanuel Zilberman

Deputy director of high-school education, responsible for absorption of new immigrants into the school system at the Jerusalem Education Authority.

Dr. Tzvi Tzameret

Historian, senior lecturer at IDC Herzliya, Academic Center of Law, Hod Hasharon and the Herzog College in Alon Shvut and teacher at the Netivot Hesder Yeshiva.  He is the former CEO of Yad Ben Zvi and the former chairman of the Ministry of Education’s Pedagogic Secretariat.

Yisrael Tik

Holds the education portfolio at the Beitar Illit Municipality, with responsibility for 23,000 students in the city’s school system.  Yisrael is a graduate of Gsharim’s third cohort.

Rabbi Boaz Genut

Director of the Department of Marriage and Community Affairs at Tzohar.  He is responsible for defining and achieving the organization’s overall vision and aims.   Each department consists of several divisions, each of which runs complex projects and the challenge is to connect all of them under one roof.  Boaz is a former director of TorahMiTzion and a graduate of Gsharim’s first Leadership cohort.

Dana Burstein

Member of the architectural team at the Jerusalem Municipality, in charge of the public policy planning .She is the coordinator of architecture studies of the ultra-Orthodox track at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.  Dana is a graduate of Gsharim’s second cohort.


Sari Roth

Publisher of the “Haredim 10” website, political commentator and qualified teacher.  Sari is a graduate of’s first cohort.