Our Vision

Our Vision

The Gesher Leadership Institute nurtures and trains Israeli leaders to forge connections and unity between different sectors of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora.

The Institute’s fellows are “change agents” who are influential in their field in Israeli society.  Following on from their participation in the course, the leaders promote inter-sectoral discussion and partnership between the ultra-Orthodox, religious, traditional and secular sectors.  In addition, they are active in strengthening the relationship between Israel and Jewish communities in the Diaspora.

Our Activities

  1. Leadership Courses

We select leaders from the worlds of education, business, security forces, academia, and social activism and we show them how to build common ground between different sectors of society, while maintaining mutual respect and understanding  of the "other’s" needs.

The various tracks offered by the Institute attract participants from different backgrounds who participate in riveting dialogues and discussions within the group, listen to top-notch lecturers, develop their leadership skills, confront burning social and identity issues and travel to a Jewish community in the Diaspora for an intensive on-site visit.

:Leadership Tracks

A. Gsharim Leadership Track – for people holding key positions who passionately believe in the importance of Israel's social fabric. The course consists of thought-provoking sessions and dialogue with different sectors of Israeli society, as well as training for designing and implementing projects.  Subsequent to completing the course, fellows choose a personal project within their sphere of influence which promotes unity and dialogue between different groups in Israel and the Diaspora.

B. Media Leadership Track – Gsharim.com – for senior Israeli media personalities who set the public agenda through written, electronic and social media. During the course, the media leaders, who come from varying outlets and backgrounds, get to know each other and engage in serious discussions about the role of the media in Israel.

C. Gesher to the Diaspora Track – for public-opinion shapers who hold senior positions in Israeli society. The chosen fellows are afforded a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with Diaspora Jewry, through dialogue and an in-depth mission to a Jewish community in the Diaspora.

  1. The Leadership Graduate Network (LGN)

Upon completion of the course, graduates join the Leadership Graduate Network. The Institute arranges on-going activities for graduates of each cohort, as well as an Annual Conference for all fellows.  The network is an opportunity for our change-agents to leverage their individual expertise to help each other enhance dialogue and activism in Israeli society.

  1. Professional Training Seminars

Upon request, the Institute runs professional training seminars for different target audiences – school staff and principals, IDF personnel, university lecturers, youth movement leaders etc.  Through facilitated discussions, site visits and lectures, the seminars teach how to approach issues in Israeli society and how to engage in dialogue between the different sectors.

To book a training seminar, contact us at:  leadership@gesher.co.il