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About Gsharim Leadership

Key leaders in Israeli society (in the fields of education, business, security, academia and social activism) who view the societal fabric of Israeli society as an important issue are candidates for the Gsharim leadership course.

Gsharim aims to nurture Jewish-Israeli leaders who view it as their mission to promote dialogue and co-existence between different sectors of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora.

  • Participants will take part in a mission to the U.K. for an in-depth visit to the British Jewish community.
  • The course acts as a springboard for graduate projects in the fields of social activism, public policy, business and education.

Course Content

  • 10 sessions, four and a half hours each, over a period of six months.
  • Site visit about State & Religion
  • Sleepaway seminar
  • Six-day mission* to England to meet Jewish communal leaders.
  • Leverage initiatives and social leadership
  • Graduate network

Course Topics 

Jewish peoplehood, social-Jewish initiatives, acquaintance with different sectors of society, the ultra-Orthodox, the challenge of co-existence, UK Jewry, Israel-Diaspora relations, leadership development and social activism.


Twenty participants, aged 35 – 50, leaders who show potential to be change-agents and influencers in their field, are chosen from different sectors of Israeli society.  During the course, this winning team engages in mutually-respectful dialogue.


To apply for the course, applicants need to complete a standpoint questionnaire and attend an interview with GLI directors.   Once accepted, participants are expected to attend all sessions and to create a practical graduate project.

* No participant charges apply,  except for a contribution towards the cost of the flight to the U.K.

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