Cultural Initiatives

Cultural Initiatives

Adi Akunis, Sarah Darshan, and Ahuvi Shvirtz, Gesharim Leadership Course Fellows 2015


The project consists of joint writing workshops for haredi, secular and dati women.  Its purpose is to enable direct contact around the themes of creativity, language, and Jewish culture.   Writing and reading authentic prose outside of sectoral boundaries enables exposure and genuine understanding between different groups in the Israeli public.  The workshops are conducted by first-rate writers.

Dr. Hila David, Gesharim Leadership Course Fellow 2014

Joint Cultural and Artistic Interactions for Religious and Secular Students

Hila recruited principals, educators, and coordinators as her partners, a “Culture Basket” of approximately 70 religious and secular schools in the Rishon LeTzion municipality, and she planned and produced a plethora of artistic and cultural activities for about 30,000 primary school children, all aimed at creating a homogenous and shared cultural discourse educationally adapted for different groups. For example, a program was created for 3,000 religious and secular students leading up to Yom Kippur, which entailed in-school preparation and study as well as attending performances of piyuttim and selihot sung in concert accompanied by the Andalusian Orchestra.