Touring Initiatives

Touring Initiatives

David Ansbacher, Gesharim Leadership Course Fellow 2014

“People on the Inside”

These unique tours were directed towards people and not places, at cultures and not at landscapes.  This project attempted to open a window to directly learn about different sectors of the Israel populace, in a thought-provoking, inspiring, and bonding way.  The project does away with preconceived notions and assumptions by enabling meetings with individuals or organizations with fascinating and inspiring personal stories such as with an archaeologist at the site of his dig, a conservation architect at his building site, a visit to the central Beit Midrash of Belz Hassidim, or a private visit to a Hassidic family in their home.  The tours are accompanied by discussions on questions about the connection to the State, military service, standard of living, large families, and the like.

Shoshana Becker and Bitia Malach, Gesharim Leadership Course Fellows 2015

“A Bridge of Royalty”

In cooperation with Gesher and Malkat Hamidbar Tour Company, these fellows initiated a challenging women’s trip called “The Queen of Bridges.”   In July 2016, 28 Haredi, religious, and secular women embarked on an unforgettable journey for women’s empowerment to enchanting Georgia.  The trip included getting to know one another, creating bridges, and engaging in meaningful dialogue between women from different groups of the population that usually have no contact with each other.  The group met before the trip for a preliminary discussion in order to strengthen their connection before the trip.  Additional follow-up sessions are planned to process their experiences further and enrich the bonds between the women.