Fellow at the Mandel Institute for Educational Leadership. Journalist, author, publicist and historian in Haredi newspapers in both Yiddish and Hebrew; formerly the editor of “HaEdah” and the secretary and the unofficial spokesman for the Badatz Edah Haredit in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh. Ordained by the Badatz and has written halakhic works. One of the founders of the Center for Haredi Employment (“Mafteach”) in Beit Shemesh, an initiative of the Joint/Israel and the Ministry of Economy and Industry; and founding director of the Gesher-Haredim and Magen David Adom volunteer as a senior medic and ambulance driver. Founder and fellow in “Forum Hashlama,” and fellow in forums that deal with relationships in neighborhoods with diverse populations—a concern he is interested in developing in the future.