Media Leadership


Senior Israeli media personalities who set the public agenda in written, electronic and social media are candidates for the course.

During the course, we will work towards creating a public agenda that promotes the joint social fabric between the ultra-Orthodox, religious, traditional and secular sectors.  The future of Israel’s social cohesion and national strength will be influenced by the media’s role in creating meaningful, ongoing dialogue between the different sectors of Israeli society and the Diaspora.

Journalists from varying media outlets and personal backgrounds will come together and meet the “others” – those who share the same professional standards but have different ideologies and are products of different sectors in Israeli society.  This fascinating meeting of minds will be the springboard for promoting respectful discourse in the media which will delve deeply into the fundamental issues in the public agenda.  This discourse will connect rather than sever and will filter down to the general public.

  • The course includes a mission to the Jewish community in New York.
  • Course graduates will be expected to produce articles promoting dialogue and the bond between different sectors of society.

Course Content:

  • 10 sessions, mostly site visits, four and a half hours each, over a period of six months.
  • Six-day mission to New York, for in-depth meetings with leaders of American Jewry and local media personalities to discuss burning issues in the Jewish community.
  • Graduate network

Course Topics

  • Site visits about State & Religion, acquaintance with different sectors of Israeli society including visits to Ponevezh Yeshiva, an IDF base for ultra-Orthodox soldiers, and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).
  • The media’s roles and the ability to funnel its strength
  • Who owns the Jewish Bookshelf?
  • Inter-sectoral conflicts
  • American Jewry, the American Jewish media and Israel-Diaspora relations.


Twenty media personalities, aged 35 – 50, are chosen from different sectors of Israeli society and different outlets.  This winning team will engage in peer-based, mutually-respectful dialogue.

In order to enable us to choose the most suitable participants, applicants need to complete a standpoint questionnaire and attend an interview with GLI directors.   Once accepted, participants are expected to attend all sessions and to create a practical graduate project.

No participant charges apply.

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